Public classAcquire
Class to encapsulate satellite-to-satellite, satellite-to-site, and site-to-satellite acquisition.
Public classApsis
Class to encapsulate data associated with an orbital apsis.
Public classAzElTime
Class to encapsulate satellite azimuth and elevation information at a given moment in time.
Public classCircularBeamProfile
Class that describes a beam with uniform circular density.
Public classHorizonMask
Defines a section of the sky which is not viewable.
Public classLatLonTime
Class to encapsulate latitude/longitude pair and a time.
Public classNode
Class to encapsulate data associated with an orbital node.
Public classPassData
Class to encapsulate satellite AOS (rise) data, LOS (set) data, and MAX (maximum elevation above horizon) data.
Public classPassSegment
Defines a segment of a satellite pass.
Public classPeriodInfo<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Class to encapsulate a time period and associated "content", which is a list of type T. The period start and stop times are rounded to the nearest second.
Public classSchedule<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Class to manage a list of sorted time periods, and provide information regarding which periods overlap in time. Each time period has optional "content", which is a list of type T.
Public classSolar
Utility class used to provide Sun-related data.
Public classStation
An Earth location that supports sky mask capability.
Public classTrack
This class contains the top-level methods that comprise the core functionality of the OrbitTools Track Library.
Public classUtility
Class containing miscellaneous utility functions.


Public interfaceIBeamProfile
Interface that describes a beam of arbitrary cross-sectional shape.
Public interfaceIMask
Interface used to define mask parameters.