Calculates a set of points that define Earth's daylight terminator line.

Namespace: Zeptomoby.OrbitTools.Track
Assembly: Zeptomoby.OrbitTools.Track (in Zeptomoby.OrbitTools.Track.dll) Version: (


public static List<Geo> SolarTerminator(
	this WgsModel ellipsoid,
	Julian date,
	double kmSpacing,
	double kmLoft
Visual Basic
<ExtensionAttribute> _
Public Shared Function SolarTerminator ( _
	ellipsoid As WgsModel, _
	date As Julian, _
	kmSpacing As Double, _
	kmLoft As Double _
) As List(Of Geo)
Visual C++
static List<Geo^>^ SolarTerminator(
	WgsModel^ ellipsoid, 
	Julian^ date, 
	double kmSpacing, 
	double kmLoft


Type: WgsModel
The earth ellipsoid model.
Type: Julian
Time of calculation.
Type: System..::..Double
The distance between each point, in kilometers.
Type: System..::..Double
The height of the set of points above the ellipsoid model, in kilometers.

Return Value

A list of geodetic coordinate points, spaced in distance by "kmSpacing".

Usage Note

In Visual Basic and C#, you can call this method as an instance method on any object of type WgsModel. When you use instance method syntax to call this method, omit the first parameter. For more information, see or .


The solar terminator line separates the illuminated daytime side of the Earth from the dark nighttime side.

The returned points do not always form a perfect circle due to the Earth's equatorial bulge.

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